Whether you are trying to stick to your weight loss diet during the holidays or just want to avoid too much damage, these holiday diet tips will help keep you ‘safe from harm’.

7 Holiday Diet Tips To Lose Weight

Many patients on weight loss programs are following a reduced-carbohydrate and reduced-fat eating plan. holiday weight loss diet successObviously, this makes navigating holiday parties full of sweets, breads, fatty meats and alcohol a bit tricky.

Here are 7 holiday diet tips to keep you on track.

  • Plan ahead. It seems so logical, yet lack of planning is the #1 reason all diets begin to fail. If you’re not doing the cooking and hosting, talk with your party host ahead of time to get an idea of the menu. If there aren’t going to be any healthy options, offer to bring one.
  • Don’t leave your house hungry. Eat a solid portion of protein and fibrous vegetables before you head out the door. A protein/spinach smoothie works in a pinch! This way you avoid eating too much at a party. You can take just enough to be polite and social, but not too much to bust your diet.
  • Volunteer to bring dessert. We have some delicious dessert recipes using healthy protein foods. Offer to make one of these. The guests will never know it’s diet friendly. If you’re on a low carb ketogenic protocol, traditional holiday desserts will break you… don’t even try it.
  • Fat chills, sugar KILLS. Here’s a little mantra to keep in mind when following a restricted carb and controlled fat protocol. If you find yourself in a moment of weakness… opt for fat, not sugar. Eating too much fat could slow (chill) your fat burning for a day. Eating too much sugar will stop your fat burning, add water weight and possibly knock you off track for days.
  • Alcohol rules. Not as in alcohol ‘is awesome’ but as in alcohol ‘guidelines’ 😉 For those following a low carb/ketogenic protocol, alcohol is a deal breaker. If you can’t stay away from it, phase off your diet a week before any ‘partying’ and following the tips in Column 2. If you’re on just a moderately low calorie diet (1200-1500 calories) you may be ok with a glass of red wine or a light beer. But avoid sweet wines, hard liquor or heavy beers.  Make sure you have clear instructions from your supervising physician regarding how to manage alcohol because these are generalizations and every case is unique.
  • Use the doctor trump card. This is one of the many benefits of physician-supervised dieting. If anyone should question your choice to diet during the holidays, simply say it’s doctors orders! Chances are that if you’re motivated enough to keep dieting through the holidays it’s about more than getting into your favorite jeans. This is about your health. Don’t let other peoples’ insecurities affect choices for your health. If you’re on your own, at least get yourself a diet buddy. An accountability partner or even an online forum can help tremendously.
  • Pack a snack. This little dieting ninja secret tends to be forgotten around the holidays. Having a stash of healthy, convenient to go snacks with you can ward off temptation and prevent blood sugar dips that lead to bad choices. That’s why protein foods and bars such as Ideal Protein products are one of the tools we recommend for most weight loss patients. It’s better to have an extra protein snack than be tempted by a giant pretzel or fruit smoothie while you’re ‘crowd surfing’ at a mega mall.  

7 Holiday Diet Tips To Prevent Weight Gain

Most of us would consider it a major victory just to avoid any major health damage over the holidays. holiday weight loss tip stay activeToo often the holidays are blamed for putting on the pounds. In reality, it’s the damage to your mindset that can hurt the most.

Mind your holiday eating and with these 7 powerful tips.

  • Avoid portion distortion. It seems inevitable that you will run out of space on your plate during a holiday party. But it doesn’t have to be. Take a minute to scan all your options before you start adding food to your plate. Identify what you want and error on the side of dishing less than you need. You can always go back for more if you truly need it… which you won’t. Trust us.
  • Stop and think. Just like when you’re on a weight loss diet, you need to plan during maintenance. Put some thought into how you can use these tips, don’t just read them and say ‘yeah that sounds good I’ll have to try that’. Won’t happen. Write down 3 things you will do over the holidays to be healthy. Go ahead, yes now… we’ll wait.
  • Limit your endulgence to the parties. If all you did was over-do it at 2 or 3 parties over the 6 week holiday period, then there wouldn’t be much to worry about. But for many folks it ends up being several weeks of reckless eating and slacking off on fitness routines. Many people deal with more stress and time constraints this time of year which leads to poor eating choices. But really if we just let the parties be parties and all the other days be normal days, the damage will be minimal.
  • Meal Replacements. The research is overwhelmingly clear that meal replacements get superior weight loss results than diets without them. But it also supports meal replacements for maintenance. You can probably guess why. Those portion control and lack of planning issues are resolved by keeping meal replacements handy. Of course it helps if they are high quality and actually taste good enough that you enjoy eating or drinking them.
  • Stay active. There is a tendency to slack on working out or going for those long walks this time of year. But why? Seems like once again it’s the time constraints and increased stress. But physical activity is actually one of the best remedies for stress. Make an effort to keep your activity level up and possibly even increase it during the holidays to help with stress and extra calories. You may find your holidays are even more enjoyable if you do.
  • Over did it bigtime? Do this. We tend to freak out when we go all out at a holiday party and think we are officially ruined for the holidays. In reality, you’d have to eat 8,000+ more calories than normal to gain even 2 lbs. But here’s how you can virtually eliminate any weight gain. Follow a ‘big splurge’ day with 24 hours of eating less than 40 grams of carbohydrates. Stick with lean proteins, healthy fats and eliminate grains, pastas and fruits for 24 hours. This will greatly limit any fat storage.
  • Eat a protein-rich breakfast. OK, so you might not technically eat breakfast every day. You probably would do better if you did, but no matter when you eat your first meal of the day, make sure it’s a protein-based meal, not a carb-based meal (i.e. eggs, tofu, turkey sausage, greek yogurt). This stabilizes your blood sugar so you don’t crave sugar later. But if you start with a bagel, soon you’ll be craving more carbs and the cycle just repeats itself. 

Holiday weight loss recipes from Chef Verati

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