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Weight Loss Tip: Burn More Fat Faster With This 1-2 Punch

14 Holiday Diet Tips To Avoid Disaster

Whether you are trying to stick to your weight loss diet during the holidays or just want to avoid too much damage, these holiday diet tips will help keep you 'safe from harm'. 7 Holiday Diet Tips To Lose Weight Many patients on weight loss programs are following a reduced-carbohydrate and reduced-fat eating plan. Obviously, [...]

Is Sucralose Safe?

Commonly referred to as the brand name Splenda, sucralose is one of several choices when it comes to artificial sweeteners for drinks and foods. What is sucralose exactly, is it safe, and is it a good choice for your situation? What is Sucralose Sucralose is a chlorinated carbohydrate first discovered in 1976. Sometime people confuse [...]

HCG Diet Evidence, Risks and Warnings

If you've been on a quest to lose weight for what seems like forever, chances are you've been told about the HCG Diet. You might have heard some amazing stories, as well as some scary ones. So what exactly is the HCG Diet? Does it work? Is it safe? Is it even legal? HCG Diet Utilizes Extreme [...]

Why Low Carb Diets Are So Effective

Anyone still doubting the effectiveness of low carb diets is either not interested in science or has an allegiance to a “higher cause” that won’t allow them to acknowledge reality. There are 20+ well-designed studies that make the superior effectiveness of low carb (vs low fat) indisputable to the tune of double and triple the [...]

Bariatric Surgery, Ultimate Weight Fix or Never-ending Nightmare?

Bariatric Surgery is a procedure indicated to treat obesity which reduces the size of a patient’s stomach by either removing a portion of the stomach, or resecting the small intestine to reroute it into a small stomach pouch, or implanting a gastric band to restrict the size of the stomach, the end results allowing the [...]

Quick Weight Loss Tips From Deepti Sadhwani M.D.

Latest Evidence Supports Quick Weight Loss

Traditional advice from medical professionals on weight loss has essentially been "slow and steady" wins the race. There's also a common belief, purported by some medical professionals, that if you lose weight rapidly, you will put it back on faster. But, the latest evidence from a study recently published in the Lancet Diabetes Endocrinology suggests that quick [...]

Weight Loss Reduces Knee Pain, Saves Cartilage

Doctors have been giving this advice for years. Now they have data to prove it. A recent study of 112 patients showed lower amounts of cartilage loss and knee symptoms among those who lost weight. It also showed the opposite effect for those patients who gained weight. The study was conducted by Monash University in [...]

First Step in Obesity Intervention: Knowing How To Identify Your Risk

When you hear the word obese, what kind of image comes to mind? It seems for most media whether it be online, print or TV, it's a very stereotypical large person with a lack of control over their eating habits. Very large people biting into donuts or pies seems to be common in an image [...]