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14 Holiday Diet Tips To Avoid Disaster

Whether you are trying to stick to your weight loss diet during the holidays or just want to avoid too much damage, these holiday diet tips will help keep you 'safe from harm'. 7 Holiday Diet Tips To Lose Weight Many patients on weight loss programs are following a reduced-carbohydrate and reduced-fat eating plan. Obviously, [...]

What is Diabetes? The Silent Attack of Blood Sugar and Insulin

More people are becoming aware it’s an epidemic, but exactly what is Diabetes? It’s related to ‘too much sugar’, that much Americans seem to understand. By gaining a clear picture of what leads to diabetes you can better understand how to prevent and reverse it. Diabetes Type 2 Develops Over Years When we hear the [...]

How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Through Diet, Lifestyle Intervention

Diabetes is a hidden epidemic plaguing our present generations; in particular, type 2 diabetes. Though there is some genetics involved, it merely determines one’s susceptibility. But the onset of type 2 diabetes is almost always due to diet and lifestyle. Consulting a diabetes specialist can actually reverse type 2 diabetes by dietary and lifestyle changes. [...]

Is Sucralose Safe?

Commonly referred to as the brand name Splenda, sucralose is one of several choices when it comes to artificial sweeteners for drinks and foods. What is sucralose exactly, is it safe, and is it a good choice for your situation? What is Sucralose Sucralose is a chlorinated carbohydrate first discovered in 1976. Sometime people confuse [...]

Diabetes Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Are you suffering from Diabetes Symptoms? Many patients come to our office and are shocked to learn they are exhibiting two or more symptoms of diabetes. Here is what you need to know about this dangerous metabolic disorder from the different types, causes, symptoms to treatment and prevention. Diabetes or Diabetes mellitus as it is [...]

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment

Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS as it is commonly called is a multifactorial phenomenon, which is observed in women of childbearing age. PCOS is also called Stein-Leventhal Syndrome. This is a disorder of the endocrine system which occurs due to a disturbed equilibrium of female sex hormones and an excess in male sex hormone. Polycystic [...]

Beet Root Juice: Secret Weapon Against Hypertension

A study published in "Hypertension" today shows clear evidence of sustained reductions in blood pressure by supplementing with beet root juice. Blood pressure is on par with obesity as an epidemic health condition in America. Anti-hypertensive prescription medication has become one of the top drug markets in the world at 40+ billion dollars per year. [...]