Quick Weight Loss Tips From Deepti Sadhwani M.D.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: An Authoritative Guide for Women

For patients seeking information on Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), the internet can be a confusing jungle of conflicting advice. After hours of searching the web from my office in the Vero Beach /Sebastian area of Florida, two things were clear: Compounding pharmacies and the physicians utilizing these pharmacies tell one story Pharmaceutical companies and the [...]

Latest Evidence Supports Quick Weight Loss

Traditional advice from medical professionals on weight loss has essentially been "slow and steady" wins the race. There's also a common belief, purported by some medical professionals, that if you lose weight rapidly, you will put it back on faster. But, the latest evidence from a study recently published in the Lancet Diabetes Endocrinology suggests that quick [...]

Definitive Evidence For The Safety Of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Could some doctors be endangering their patients by NOT offering bioidentical hormone replacement therapy? If you have utilized female hormone replacement therapy, or have been considering it, then safety should be one of the top questions on your mind. Below is a powerful review of the evidence for the safety of Estrogen and Progesterone therapies [...]

How Bioidentical Hormones Help Control Fat Distribution

Ladies, if you are frustrated with stubborn fatty parts of your body even after weight loss, then adjusting your hormone levels could help. Sometimes a healthy diet and exercise just aren't enough. Stress levels, sleep quality and specific foods could be causing your body to hold onto fat in certain areas. BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement [...]

Weight Loss Reduces Knee Pain, Saves Cartilage

Doctors have been giving this advice for years. Now they have data to prove it. A recent study of 112 patients showed lower amounts of cartilage loss and knee symptoms among those who lost weight. It also showed the opposite effect for those patients who gained weight. The study was conducted by Monash University in [...]

First Step in Obesity Intervention: Knowing How To Identify Your Risk

When you hear the word obese, what kind of image comes to mind? It seems for most media whether it be online, print or TV, it's a very stereotypical large person with a lack of control over their eating habits. Very large people biting into donuts or pies seems to be common in an image [...]