Welcome To Quality Health Care & Wellness Institute

We are bringing the future of medicine together with the past, where patients receive the attention and care they deserve.

Patient care is led by Board Certified Internal Medicine physicians capable of diagnosing and treating a wide range of medical conditions. What sets us apart is our expertise in holistic approaches and our focus on the underlying causes of chronic disease.

Patients benefit from expertise in Nutrition, Weight Loss and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy with renowned Board Certified Bariatric Physician, Dr. Deepti Sadhwani. 

We offer Professional Medispa Services and Licensed Massage Therapy maximize our patients’ quality of life.

In addition, we provide Urgent Care Services with extended hours until 7pm and 10am-2pm on Saturdays.

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Who We Are

Our mission is to enable the people of our community to take ownership over their health through preventive care. By addressing the foundation for health, including nutrition, hormonal function and lifestyle, we are helping each patient live the empowered, healthy life they deserve.
The body is designed to heal itself, given the right fuel and environment. In the new era of medicine we must look at the body as more than a biological machine. Along with nutrition and lifestyle, Dr. Deepti believes the mind is an important aspect of healing.  Thoughts create energy that is stored within specific areas of the body. Healthier thoughts lead to a healthier body. We cannot practice comprehensive medicine while ignoring how the power of mind, body and spirit intersect.
Our patients can expect to be treated as the beautiful, unique individual they are, with access to exceptional providers who care and empathize with the challenges life has thrown their way. We promise to provide each patient with the most attentive care possible. And in turn, we expect patients to commit to taking ownership of their health, making our relationship into a true partnership.

Meet Our Providers

Deepti Sadhwani
Deepti SadhwaniM.D.
Deepti Sadhwani, M.D. is double Board Certified in Internal and Bariatric Medicine. She established Quality Health Care, in Sebastian Florida, fifteen years ago and has an enormous passion for her work and patients. Dr. Sadhwani specializes in weight loss, nutrition and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.
Harish Sadhwani
Harish SadhwaniM.D.
Harish Sadhwani M.D. is a board certified physician in both Internal and Bariatic Medicine. He has extensive training and experience in different areas of medicine, including cardiology, diabetes, thyroid, skin cancer, and joint problems. Dr. Harish was an orthopedic surgeon in India, and because of his immense experience, his passion is minor office surgical procedures, including skin cancer removal.
Michael Delaneuville
Michael DelaneuvilleARNP
Michael practiced as a Registered Nurse for 8 years working extensively with cardiac and stroke patients in local area hospitals. In 2013 Michael ear›ed his Master’s Degree in nursing with a focus in Advance Register Nurse Practitioner. He is currently a Board Certified Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. Michael is a member of Sig™a Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society and is well-educated in Dr. Deepti’s and Dr. Harish’s philosophy of treating the whole patient and not just the disease.

Happy Patients

I am 77 years old. I was at a point in my life after fighting breast cancer, depression and unwanted weight gain. There were so many side effects from the medications I was prescribed over the years. I weighted 150lb. and was on five medications. Then I found Dr. Deepti Sadhwani.

I was shown a proper healthy diet and began walking 3 miles daily. With determination and my daughter’s support I have lost 25lbs, from a size 14 to size 6. Also after my blood test, I was able to get off ALL my medications. I have a better outlook of life, love the way I look and feel and enjoy waking up in the morning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (to my daughter Robin) and Dr. Deepti & staff!

Beverly Wagner
The staff at Quality Health Care are so supportive and encouraging. They help you with more then weight loss. They care about helping you emotionally as well. On each visit I feel like I am around family.
Kira Regis
I feel absolutely wonderful, elated and can’t wait to share my experience with others. Not only have the results been fantastic, the whole journey has been a a true joy. I cannot say enough to express my contentment with Dr. Deepti and her staff.
James Anthony Davis
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