Nutrition is the foundation for all treatment protocols at Quality Health Care & Wellness. Most chronic illness can be directly linked to nutritional causes. Instead of masking symptoms with drugs, we aim to address the cause.

We use sophisticated testing from Spectracell and other helpful blood analysis to diagnose imbalances in your nutrient levels. Pharmaceutical grade supplements may be recommended for certain conditions.

Patients can design a nutritional plan that suites their specific needs with the help of our practitioners who are all highly trained and experienced in nutritional and behavioral therapy.

Why Choose Us

      • Our nutritional experts leverage the latest science, not outdated government guidelines
      • The ability to combine medical and nutritional expertise so seamlessly is a major benefit to patients
      • A supportive environment for lifestyle change is critical, providing that support is central to our mission
      • Patients can access pharmaceutical grade supplements through our office or online store
      • Along with healthy nutritional expertise, we provide quality medical weight loss in Vero Beach and the Treasure Coast

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Spectracell Nutritional Testing

We offer patients the most advanced nutritional testing available from Spectracell Laboratories. Too often patients are taking vitamins and minerals without knowledge of which vitamins or minerals they actually need more of, or less of. Traditionalspectracell labs testing is helpful, but it does not indicate how well your body is utilizing various nutrients. Two patients with the same serum levels of Zinc, for example, can have different functional levels.

The micronutrient test from Spectracell enables us to help patients with functional deficiencies. The result is much more informed and effective nutritional guidance from our providers. Most insurance plans do offer coverage for micronutrient tests.

In addition to the micronutrient testing, a genetic test which measures telomeres in your DNA has become helpful for anti-aging medicine to assess your rate of aging compared to the average rate.

Spectracell also offers an advanced test to assess cardiovascular health, allowing for more in depth and accurate evaluation of blood cholesterol, risk for heart disease and stroke.