Divya Sadhwani, Co-Founder and Volunteer Director, H.O.P.E. Non-profit Organization

H.O.P.E. Non-Profit

H.O.P.E. stands for “Helping Obesity Prevention through Education” Mission Statement:
Our commitment is to inspire and empower others to embrace lifestyle and nutritional choices for better health through education. Our passion is the prevention of obesity and diseases associated with obesity.

About H.O.P.E

Dr. Deepti Sadhwani founded H.O.P.E. due to the epidemic of obesity and increase of people being diagnosed with diabetes. She wanted a way to expand education to her patients and to those individuals not under her medical care. Dr. Deepti, a physician and a woman of passion and goal driven spent countless hours to earn board certification as a bariatric physician in order to become an expert in the treatment and management of overweight and obese patients and their related conditions. Along with a committed board of directors and the generosity of private donors, H.O.P.E. was brought from infancy to a well-developed working organization. H.O.P.E. has a knowledgeable and diverse team of professionals capable of addressing the educational needs of others with consideration to cultural and ethnic uniqueness of others. We are one of the few organizations that have that capability.

Community Involvement

H.O.P.E provides lectures, seminars and community events. In addition, Dr. Deepti supports and works with the Indian River Health Department, local businesses and corporations. We encourage requests for educational events as well as individual questions. We also serve others through involvement with other organizations such as Rotary, American Cancer Society, Food Banks, and various councils in the community.

We want to empower people to make their best choices. Dr. Deepti believes food can be our medicine.
Share your gifts and energy to empower others, call us today at (772) 766-9978 and learn how you can become involved with H.O.P.E.