“Sometimes, you forget that your body is a well-oiled machine.”

While you can’t stop aging, you can, in a way, slow it down. The question is how do you slow down aging? The answer is your diet. Wellness is like the top of a mountain. There are many pathways to the top. Some are hard, others are easier. I feel the proper Diet is the easiest and most scientifically valid way to reach that mountain top.

1. Restrict calories without hunger or fatigue

Calories do count.  The secret is to consume the least number of calories without developing hunger or fatigue.

Eating more calories than your body requires means those excess calories end up being stored as excess fat. As to why you eat more calories than your body needs is another question. Ultimately it is all about the hormones that your diet generates. Generate the wrong hormones, you will develop a Fat Trap in which incoming excess calories are stored in your fat cells and they can’t get out.The result is that you are constantly hungry. The way you avoid developing a Fat Trap is to maintain control of the levels of insulin in both the blood and the brain by your diet. This means you have to prevent the development of insulin resistance, which is ultimately caused by inflammation induced by the diet. The usual suspects for excess calories, excess omega-6 fatty acids, excess saturated fat (especially palmitic acid), and disturbances in the ratio of low-fat protein to low-glycemic carbohydrates in any meal is diet-induced inflammation.

2. Maintain an appropriate balance of inflammatory and resolution pathways within the body

You need some inflammation, but not too much.  More importantly, you have to be able to turn off the inflammatory process once it’s started. Otherwise, it will begin attacking the rest of the body. This process is called resolution.

The resolution of inflammation requires adequate levels of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids in the blood. The only way to know is to test the blood and specifically your levels of cellular inflammation. If your Cellular Inflammation Score is too high, then you don’t have enough potential resolution capacity to be in the Zone.  Most Americans will require supplementation with refined omega-3 fatty acid concentrates, like OmegaRx, to reach the right balance.

3. Activate your genes with dietary polyphenols for improved wellness

Polyphenols allow you to practice gene therapy in the kitchen assuming you are eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. If not, then the genes that produce antioxidant enzymes, anti-inflammatory proteins, and slow down the aging process will essentially remain silent. On the other hand, supplementation of the diet with refined polyphenol extracts, like MaquiRx, can help you reach the levels of polyphenols in the diet to turn on those genes important for maintaining wellness.

Nutrition is incredibly complex. There are no easy answers regardless of what you hear from television specials or read in popular diet books. What you need is a credible dietary pathway that is based on strong science and validated by blood testing. That’s the basis of Evidence-based Wellness.